A wonderful review

Hi guys :),
Well, I am over the moon this evening, or should I say this early morning, seeing as it’s 1-20am :). I seem to be getting more and more of a night owl, though to be honest, it’s really when it’s the most quiet in my house :). I get more done in the late evening to early morning, than I get done in a whole day. There’s just something about the night that’s soothing, and a lot more peaceful than the day could ever hope to be.
Nope, nada, no. I’m going off on a tangent, and it has to stop.
I have to show you the new review I’ve had. It’s wonderful, and another 5 STAR. So here you go….

An Absolute Jewel of a Book!, March 6, 2015 By Robin ChanSee all my reviews This review is from: Angels Blood (Kindle Edition) What an amazingly unique story. Angels Blood is everything you want in a great book. The writing style is so visually descriptive that the characters come to life. It has something for everyone, strong characters, heart pounding action, a bit of mystery and a unique love story. You are quickly drawn into a world that you want to become a part of and a story line with characters that you don’t want to let go of, a story you never want to end. I look forward to many more books from this great new writer, and I can’t wait to find out what Tavi has in store for us in the next book. Do yourself a favor and grab this book quickly, you’ll want to read this one before the second installment hits the shelves! I know I can’t wait!!

Wow! That’s a really wonderful review don’t you think?
Well I just wanted to share it with you guys, a great review is always exciting to me, and I would really like to thank Robin Chan, for taking the time to write such an outstanding one. A lot of readers don’t realise that a review is like gold dust to authors, it lets them know you’ve enjoyed a world, or characters, or both, that they created.
Well I’d best be off now, more work to do yet.
Take care,


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