Another 5* review for Hybrid Justice

HybridJusticeCoverFHi guys,
I just had to drop you a line to let you know there’s another 5* review for Hybrid Justice on Amazon. I have to say I was over the moon when I read it, and I thank Ian for taking the time out of his busy day to write it, and place it up for all to see. And now I’d like to show it to you all :), so here it is…

1 of 1 people found the following review helpfulSometimes, I wish I was a werewolf!! ByIAN D. MOORE on 31 Mar. 2015Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase It’s times like this that I wish I was a werewolf!

I was privileged and fortunate enough to have been given a draft copy of this book shortly after Sallyann completed it. So taken by the first book Angel’s Blood was I, that I pressed and pressed for the second instalment and well, what can I say? Having ploughed into the draft I found it equally enthralling. We see the relationship evolve between our lead characters Tavi and Cade, not to mention a healthy measure of romance between other members of the Camden Falls Pack.
What makes this series different from any other werewolf genre book? It’s the addition not only of the “angel” element of things, the effect it has upon Tavi’s already formidable abilities, but we also have a strong sense of family ties, we have vampires not only as friends but also arch enemies. The storyline will take you through plots, twists and turns and Sallyann’s style of writing is one that you simply cannot help but warm to from very early on. There are scenes described that actually take you to the places in your mind. There are times when you could cut the tension with a suitably sharpened silver bladed knife and times when a werewolf could have been sitting next to me while I was reading and I’d have been none the wiser.
I know already that whatever Sallyann does next is going to be worth reading, indeed I’m already waiting for the next book in this series to be written, along with a long list of other people who have discovered her ability for story-telling. The plots, characters and ease with which the story comes to life are all elements that a reader wants from a good book. In this one, just like the first, you’ll not be disappointed I can assure you.
Having read a similar genre book by a much more well-established author some time ago, I can honestly say that these two knock spots off that particular one, to the point where on several occasions throughout Hybrid’s Justice, I actually kept reading instead of doing what I should have been doing. For me to do that, it has to be a book with bite … this has plenty of that! Well done Sallyann, no pressure but ummmm, when’s book three coming? 🙂

It sure is a buzz to know that someone is waiting to find out what happens next besides me. I’m never quite sure what the characters will do next, or where they’ll go. All I do know is they want to kick some serious butt, so I’m going to have to get started, before the complaining in my head turns to yelling :).

Well thats all today folks, take care and I’ll see you soon.


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