A Fluffit? What’s a Fluffit?


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The Fluffit kids PB FC thumbMy new children’s book, ‘The Fluffit’, is now published and available on Amazon in paperback and kindle edition.

What is a Fluffit?

What does he do?

Well, pick up a copy for your little one and find out. Give your child something to read that will give them something to laugh at and have a little fun with, while at the same time learning how to avoid the pitfalls of a Fluffit, why they should, and why it’s always good to listen to their elders.

Do you know what a Fluffit is?

Come and find out!

Best wishes,


A Fluffit reveal

The Fluffit kids PB FC thumbYes, it’s time for another cover reveal. This time it’s a children’s book that’s just for a little fun.
I can tell you it was a real learning curve having to design the pictures for a children’s book, and I have to say I have a new appreciation for those that do so on a regular basis, but I finally managed to get it done, uploaded to Amazon, and get it all ready for publishing.
So, here he is, the comical, funny, and a little bizzar, Fluffit.
I hope The Fliffit will bring a smile to all the children that get to meet him.

See you all soon,


A Collaborative Release

MW1 water.gifYes, another update, and another release, but this time it’s with my co-writer Tim Dutton.

No, it’s not another of the WolfMoon Invetigations series, though there is another in the pipeline (shhhh! I’m not saying a word), however it is Moonlight Wolf.

Moonlight Wolf is another genre you can add to your bookshelves of Dutton and Phillips works, and I can let you in on a little secret – there are more genres coming! We are working towards producing something for everyone, so keep your eyes open, and drop in once in a while, to see if we have something for you.

Be safe over the weekend, and have fun,


New Release coming

Hi there,

coming soon1I just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know I have a new release coming soon. It links in with one of my other series, but I won’t tell you which one just yet. I know that’s a little tease, but a writer has to get her, of his, kicks somewhere.

But, don’t worry, it won’t be long. I’ll be releasing the cover on Monday, and that’s when I’ll let you know which series it links to, though I’m pretty sure some of you will know which one before I tell you.

So, keep your eyes open on Monday to see what’s coming next 🙂



A Mother’s Day gift from me to you


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Hi there,

I have another update I wasn’t expecting, and I’ll explain why. Being from the UK I don’t often realise what holidays are in the USA, and I found out today (because I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes) that it’s Mother’s Day over there.

baby MDNow, as you know, I planned on releasing my children’s books, Good Night Mummy Good Night Dad, Good Night Mummy Good Night Mum, and Good Night Daddy Good Night Dad, on the 17th of May, but, seeing as it’s Mother’s Day and I care about my readers, I’ve brought the release date forward.

baby MD 1


Yes, it means that all three books, and both kindle and paperback edition (the keepsake), will be available on Amazon for purchase in time for the big day.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all the parents out there. Have a wonderful day and I’ll speak to you soon.