Moonlight Wolf

To become what he was meant to be, Ethan Dark must first discover who he is.
In order to take his rightful place among a pack he has never known, Ethan must step out of the Dark and become the Moonlight.

When darkness falls, the Moonlight will shine.

Lani Knightwolf dreams of the moonlight pack’s alpha, knowing he was not the alpha of the pack.
Searching her dreams, her heart and her soul, to find her life mate and help him take his rightful place, Lani must fight and stand beside him. As his guiding light, she must help him bring the moonlight pack out of the darkness and into the moonlight.

Shifting Autumn

After years of hiding, Autumn’s dark past catches up with her. The monster from her childhood re-enters her life, robbing her of her first life and setting the second in motion.
While Jarrett has always been different from the pacifist shifters he’s made his home with, he’s never understood their willingness to hide from the threat to their very existence.
When Autumn tumbles into Jarrett’s life, turning his world upside down, he’s more determined than ever to protect the people he loves. They’ll have to shift in more ways than one if they are to survive to see the coming seasons.

Returned And Reunited

Ann Moon is from Wales. She is strong and stubborn with a Celtic firebrand temper to match.
Mark Waya is an Oklahoma private investigator specializing in missing children, who likes to show a little bit of the wolf.
When Ann’s niece is kidnapped on vacation in Oklahoma, Ann will make the long journey to this faraway place and nothing, and no-one, will stand in the way of her finding the little girl.
Due to his specialized skill set, Mark is brought in by the local law enforcement to take the case, and soon realizes he won’t be working alone.
Neither of them have met before the heart-wrenching series of events, yet, somehow, they know each other. Feeling an instant connection from the moment they meet they form a bond as old as time.
Can these two lovers find each other in time to find the missing child?
Has an age long love returned to reunite them?
Tag along for the first case in the Wolf Moon investigation series to find out.


Ann Moon and Mark Waya met in book one of the Wolf Moon series RETURNED AND REUNITED.

Rekindling an age old love, they get married and form Wolf Moon Investigations. Like any marriage, to form a union they have to have a honeymoon, but, being the Wolf and the Moon, things don’t quite go according to plan and their honeymoon turns into their first case as Wolf Moon Investigations. As partners in every way, can they solve their first case and put the Honey in the Moon.

Chasing Cards

In Returned and Reunited, Mark and Ann thought they were dealing with a single card, now they realize they’re up against the whole deck.
Wolf Moon Investigations take on a case where the only help they’ll get is a dead man’s hand, but when one of their own becomes a target the stakes get higher.
Neither one of them are the folding type, so they’ll have to ante up and go all in to shuffle the pack, and it doesn’t take them long to figure out the Wolf only has the Moon and the rest of their pack to count on.
With the odds against them, no one to trust and nowhere to turn, they’ll need to bring the team together and form a hand strong enough to play a deadly game.

Wolf Canyon

Drea Dean owns and runs a wolf sanctuary inherited from her father and her father’s father before him. She has an affinity with the untamed wolves she loves and uses her talent to maintain their wellbeing and protection. But, now they’re being threatened by a corporation who wants to steal the land that has been in her family possession for generations.
Money and power outweigh love and compassion, especially with the law on the corporations payroll. The future looks bleak for Drea and her wolves, and she has no other option than to take a gamble on what may be their one last hope. The whispers of a wolfman who lives in the woods. A man who can’t be bought. A man who won’t care about taking a civilized approach.
Mav may be even wilder than the wolves, but behind his rough exterior lies a warrior whose willing to do whatever it takes to make things right, especially when more than the wolves steal his heart. Together, they’ll tame each other and take on the civilized corruption that threatens to destroy the only home and family they have ever known.