Angel’s Blood

Tavi Johns is a werewolf who’s never been part of a Pack, she’s only ever heard horror stories about their way of life from her mother who died when she was small.
When her human father died she thought she was alone in the world as she scrambled to stay hidden from any others of her own kind, and moved into a small town that unbeknown to her had a Pack of its own.
Can she trust them? Has she finally found a home? Can she fit in? And what will she do when the Alpha of the Pack from her mother’s past brings his violent way of life into her here and now?
Then she finds out she’s not exactly what she thought she was.
She’s more.

Hybrid Justice

Tavi is settling into the Camden Falls Pack relatively easily, but Zack being missing is a big problem for her. She hasn’t seen him, nor heard from him, since the day he left.
Something is wrong! She can feel it!
Finally, things start to happen when a messenger arrives with word from Zack but is attacked before they get to meet. What Tavi eventually hears has her rage erupting and she decides it’s way past time they went after him.
What will they be facing and who?
Tavi doesn’t care! She’ll go through whoever she has to, to get her friend back, and nobody is going to stand in her way.

Are You A Fluffit?

A humorous rhyme, for adults, about a Fluffit, a make believe being that has real life calamities usually of his own making.
Are you a Fliffit? Do you know a Fluffit?
If the answer is yes, then get your friends to pick up a copy and see if they know one or two as well.