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Sallyann Phillips

The Fluffit kids PB FC thumbThe Fluffit

A children’s nursery rhyme about a Fluffit, a make believe, troublesome, being.
Read about how he gets into trouble, and why you don’t want to be a Fluffit, all the while learning how to spot one wherever they may be hiding out.




MW new cover F thumbMoonlight Wolf

To become what he was meant to be, Ethan Dark must first discover who he is.
In order to take his rightful place among a pack he has never known, Ethan must step out of the Dark and become the Moonlight.

When darkness falls, the Moonlight will shine.

Lani Knightwolf dreams of the moonlight pack’s alpha, knowing he was not the alpha of the pack.
Searching her dreams, her heart and her soul, to find her life mate and help him take his rightful place, Lani must fight and stand beside him. As his guiding light, she must help him bring the moonlight pack out of the darkness and into the moonlight.