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Blood Vow

Tavi Johns is a Hybrid. The only one of her kind.
She knows she’s part Werewolf and part Vampire, and hears a voice in her head, but there’s a lot more about herself she doesn’t know.
So when the Vampire Elders have Tavi and part of her Pack forcibly encouraged to attend a meeting, she plays along to hear them out.
What do they want with her?
Can she trust them?
There’s only one way to find out.
But if she can’t, she’ll resort to what she does best.


Angel’s Blood

“Ms. Phillips has created a vividly detailed world for a strong, take-charge female werewolf who would go to any lengths to protect someone in danger.”

Angel’s Blood

“What impressed me the most about this is the way the author handled werewolves and vampires without getting “campy”. The writing style allowed me to connect and relate to the characters without the silliness we often see in the genre .Because of this, I liked this better than the Sookie Stackhouse Series. To me, those started okay, but then added so much that it felt overwhelming. But the story/narrative in Angel’s Blood is almost believable if you can suspend your belief to include the supernatural.”

Hybrid Justice

“Sallyann does not disappoint! Book 1 Angel’s Blood sets you up for an amazing tale. Book 2 Hybrid Justice keeps you going! Tavi is the heroine we have all been waiting for. Strong, beautiful, fragile, loving, vengeful and destructive. The only complaint I have, is this series is keeping me from my own writing. Too addictive!”

Good Night Mummy, Good Night Dad

“I downloaded this version to suit my family, but how great to see two other versions. Great little story, perfect for settling down at bedtime.”