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Sallyann Phillips

Fluffit 3DThe Fluffit

A children’s nursery rhyme about a Fluffit, a make believe, troublesome, being.
Read about how he gets into trouble, and why you don’t want to be a Fluffit, all the while learning how to spot one wherever they may be hiding out.


CC 3DChasing Cards

In Returned and Reunited, Mark and Ann thought they were dealing with a single card, now they realize they’re up against the whole deck.
Wolf Moon Investigations take on a case where the only help they’ll get is a dead man’s hand, but when one of their own becomes a target the stakes get higher.
Neither one of them are the folding type, so they’ll have to ante up and go all in to shuffle the pack, and it doesn’t take them long to figure out the Wolf only has the Moon and the rest of their pack to count on.
With the odds against them, no one to trust and nowhere to turn, they’ll need to bring the team together and form a hand strong enough to play a deadly game.



Angel’s Blood
“Ms. Phillips has created a vividly detailed world for a strong, take-charge female werewolf who would go to any lengths to protect someone in danger.”

Angel’s Blood
“What impressed me the most about this is the way the author handled werewolves and vampires without getting “campy”. The writing style allowed me to connect and relate to the characters without the silliness we often see in the genre .Because of this, I liked this better than the Sookie Stackhouse Series. To me, those started okay, but then added so much that it felt overwhelming. But the story/narrative in Angel’s Blood is almost believable if you can suspend your belief to include the supernatural.”

Hybrid Justice
“Sallyann does not disappoint! Book 1 Angel’s Blood sets you up for an amazing tale. Book 2 Hybrid Justice keeps you going! Tavi is the heroine we have all been waiting for. Strong, beautiful, fragile, loving, vengeful and destructive. The only complaint I have, is this series is keeping me from my own writing. Too addictive!”

Good Night Mummy, Good Night Dad
“I downloaded this version to suit my family, but how great to see two other versions. Great little story, perfect for settling down at bedtime.”